Flies & Fishing on Iceland's West Ranga Skuli Kristinsson Photographs courtesy of the Angling Club Lax-A

Located aproximately 60 miles southeast of Reykjavik,
the West Ranga is one of Iceland's best-known salmon
rivers. The river is about 30 miles long and its source is a 
set of cold springs located at the base of the still-active
volcano, Mount Hekla.  Unlike other salmon rivers in 
Iceland whose water levels can fluctuate dramatically
during the year and from one season to the next, the 
West Ranga offers stable water levels year-round because
it is totally spring fed; there is no such thing as "low-water
fishing." The river offers both trout and salmon fishing --
on average the river produces around 2000 salmon each 
season and some of Iceland's largest brown trout (averaging
between 10-14 pounds).

Skuli Kristinsson, Angling Club Lax-A's head guide and 
fishing manager of the East Ranga introduces angler's 
to the flies and salmon fishing on the West Ranga.





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