The J.D. Wagner Rod Company Ingrid Sils

Many individuals become discontented with their careers and wonder
what would it be like to turn a hobby into a full-time business.
But those who follow through with such a plan often come to the 
realization that full-time work is full-time work -- and that being your 
own boss does not allow for vacations, much less paid vacations. However,
there are exceptions and one example is the J.D. Wagner Rod Company,
located in Parma Heights, Ohio.

For the past eight years, Jeff Wagner has been a full-time cane rod-maker;
he was joined in 1997 by his partner in life, Casimira Orlowski. This 
man-and-wife team now produces approximately 60 rods each year. 
They offer rods in three different series: the Patriot series, priced at around $700;
the Signature series, starting at $1,500; and the Presentation series.
Their benchmark Signature series offers the angler a choice of 20
different tapers in either 2-piece or 3-piece design, a rather extensive menu.






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