The Flies of David Martin: Exploring the Frontier between Life and Imitation John Hawkins Photographs by Paul Schmookler
Few tiers come close to the creativity of David Martin,
and even fewer are able to tie such a diveristy of flies 
with such consistency. What's more remarkable
is that Martin has figured out how to satisfy the 
two major complaints fly tiers have about realistic
flies. First, he has learned to tie them within a few
minutes. Second, they float well, they look realistc
and they catch fish. 

Today, David Martin and his wife Becky not
only produce realistic dry flies for anglers and
collectors, but they also teach their art.   Their fishing
flies include standard invertebrates such as mayflies, 
caddis, carpenter ants, grasshoppers, dragonflies, frogs,
spiders, and beetles. They also produce a series of 
collectible specimens including the  Posion Arrow Frog (below).

See what more David and Becky have up their sleeves.


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