The Leprechaun Tim Abbott Photographs by Paul Schmookler

By profession, Tim Abbott, an architectural wood-worker,
works for The Sculpture Foundation and is currently 
responsible for designing and turning impressionistic
paintings into 3-dimensional sculptures for an upcoming
exhibit at Washington's Corcoran Gallery.  For this avid
fly-fisher, a rafting trip down the Colorado River without
a fly rod became the turning point in Abbott's life as he
decided to enter the realm of the bamboo rod builder -- and
subsequently produced one of the nicest bamboo pack rods
we have seen . . .  not to mention the custom leather-covered
wooden case he made to house this rod.  This is his story
of the Leprechaun rod. While production time for custom 
orders for his rods will be limited until 2003, Abbott has 
definitely arrived on the bamboo scene --  having already
designed specialized tools to assist rod makers.


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