Fly Tying Ornithology:

Part I of a 20-Part Series

Excerpted and greatly expanded from the award-winning two-volume folio Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials: A Natural History Treating both standard and rare materials, their sources and geography, as used in classic, contemporary and artistic trout and salmon flies, displayed in photographs and in the paintings and engravings of history's greatest ornithological and zoological illustrators.

This issue features flies tied by
some of the most creative 
contemporary tiers including: 
Paul Rossman, Henry Ramsay, 
Matthew Crompton, Paul Seymour,
Dave Flint, James Brautigam, 
Fred Brand, Mark Waslick, 
Charles Chute, Pedro Dieppa, 
Howard Biffer, Alexander Koper,
Harry Lemire, Jack Madden, 
Ted Kantner, Glen Mikkleson, 
Marcelo Morales, Tai Nakamura,
Greg Nault, Ted Patlen,
Ed Patten, Kevin Perkins, 
George Scoville, Kenji Tatara.



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