El Gallo Tom Boyd "Gallo! … gallo!” the captain yelled as the big roosterfish crashed the surface. “Grande!” A hundred panicked mullet boiled and leaped from the crystalline waters of the Golfo de Papagayo’s Bat Islands. Rousting the terrorized baitfish, the roosterfish swiftly greyhounded in hot pursuit. Its attack was an incredible display of primal ferocity from one of nature’s fiercest predators. At warp speed the fish closed, flashing chartreuse and yellow, its shimmering black dorsal fin erect. Abruptly it jumped, literally sailed, over the pod of baitfish. Instantly it turned, attacked, ravaged. Mesmerized, speechless, we watched this entire spectacle unfold. The ferocity of the attack was outside my realm of experience. “What the hell was that?” “El gallo, Tom — the roosterfish.”


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