Flies & Fishing on Iceland's East Ranga Skuli Kristinsson Photographs courtesy of the Angling Club Lax-A

Located aproximately 52 miles east of Reykjavik in 
southern Iceland, the East Ranga (pronounced 
"Rang-ow") is the country's most productive salmon
river. For the past four years, the East Ranga with its
clear, cold water has averaged over 2,100 salmon during
the fishing season that runs from  June 20 to October 10. 
Last year, the river produced a record 2,500 salmon. 
Skuli Kristinsson, Angling Club Lax-A's head guide and 
fishing manager of the East Ranga introduces angler's 
to the flies and salmon fishing on this highly productive 
river where one can fish within sight of a volcano, near 
both natural hot springs and glaciers. 



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