Mr. Child's Tools: Turning the Mundane into the Exotic Written by Ingrid Sils Photographs by Paul Schmookler

  The one thing that all fly tiers have in 
common is their tools. Regardless of 
expense, a fly tier's tools are usually 
purchased a few at a time — until he or 
she has everything that is needed. And 
that, for most tiers, is that, but there can
be few of us who haven't looked at our 
bench and haven't noticed that our 
precious tools can hardly be considered 
as "a set."  — That is until now.
   Dean Childs has taken the mundane
fly-tying tools every tier takes for granted
and has turned them into something 
special — works of art that are as 
functional as they are beautiful. Read 
about the unique process Childs uses
to create these beautiful and 
indestructable tools which, remarkably, 
he guarantees for life.


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