Gene Bahr -- Shaping a Dream Michael E. Martinek, Jr.

Born in Steele, Alabama, in 1950, Gene Bahr 
grew up in the northeast hill country of his native state.
He took to the woods early and often. After he graduated
from Etowah High School in 1968, Bahr's restless spirit
broke free. On an early trip to Maine in 1972, Bahr
saw a brook trout mount by David Footer at a friend's 
camp on Mousam Lake. This was a pivotal event for Bahr
who soon packed his bags and moved to the Pine Tree
State to begin a new life ...

Well-know New England streamer fly tier and author,
Michael Martinek Jr., profiles this multi-talented,
multi-media artist who was the first to offer 
catch-and-release carvings of game fish.



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