Artistry in Bamboo: The Rods of Rolf Baginski Ingrid Sils Photographs by Paul Schmookler Taking a break from working our booth at the largest fly-fishing show on the East Coast, I wandered around the Garden State Convention Center in an effort to find any new products that had escaped my scrutiny during the previous day. As I strolled around The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, New Jersey, and spoke with people, it felt more like a reunion — a meeting of friends and acquaintances whom I hadn’t seen since that same time the previous year. Yet as I reached the four booths that comprised the “center of the center” of the show, I spotted a casually dressed, soft-spoken gentleman who was carefully describing to a potential customer the details that went into a set of cased cane fly rods that was on display in front of him. What immediately caught my attention was that this set of rods was priced at a very respectable dollar amount … and clearly would be on their way to a fortunate client after the show. Having talked with a number of cane rod makers in the United States, this, I thought, would be an opportunity to speak with a European about his association with bamboo rod-making.


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